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Women’s Empowerment and Climate Change with Melanie Goldey

AERA & The Shatter Foundation: Women’s Empowerment and Climate Change with Melanie Goldey




Did you know that empowering and educating women is key to reducing climate change? In fact, empowering women and girls in developing countries ranked 2nd amongst 76 solutions for curbing global warming. Today, gender equality is still not at the forefront of public attention as a climate solution. 


This is why this Earth Month we chose to partner with The Shatter Foundation, a non-profit that provides girls in underserved communities access to education, mentorship, capital and networks needed to foster an inclusive economy and equitable entrepreneurship. Throughout the month we will be featuring influential women and advisors/mentors to the Foundation as they share their insight on this important topic with us.



"For so many people, the past few years have renewed or awakened a fight for gender equality, racial equity, and environmental justice. And more and more, we see how the empowerment of women and girls is intertwined with environmental justice — that women and girls within the global poor are disproportionately affected by the day-to-day impact of climate change. With increased awareness and more diverse cultural conversations, we're able to imagine new futures.


In that vein, I'm thrilled to see the rise of brands that consider social good as a core part of their company ethos. One standout is entrepreneur Tina Bhojwani's AERA, a luxury shoe brand that creates beautiful, certified Vegan shoes and strives to make as little environmental impact as possible. AERA is committed to a "110% offset" philosophy where they invest in environmental initiatives such as the Green Trees Reforestation project and BEF's water restoration projects. 


This Earth Month, AERA is donating 20% of sales throughout April to The Shatter Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by powerhouse entrepreneur, Shelly Kapoor Collins, to support girls in underserved communities with access to education, mentorship, capital, and networks to foster a more inclusive economy and equitable entrepreneurship. 


Please join me in supporting Tina and Shelly as together we Shatter in Style, because investing in one's personal style and self expression can also mean investing in the next generation of women leaders."


– Melanie Goldey


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