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Our Factories

At AERA, we made a conscious decision to work solely with Italian materials suppliers and factories. Our decision was based on several factors: using materials sourced from Italy minimizes the transportation distance to the factories, and thus the transportation impacts on the environment. Italy is also a center of excellence in shoe manufacturing, and has been for centuries. Furthermore, we believe in supporting small, family-owned businesses; in a world of fast fashion and low-cost manufacturing, we want to support true artisans that focus on the quality of their products and the livelihood of their employees. We have ensured that the people working for our two factory partners and materials manufacturer not only make living wages, but are treated as family.

VP Shoes

Located in Galta di Vigonovo, VP Shoes has just 20 employees. They have been hand-crafting shoes for over 40 years, and make most of our women’s shoes. Father and son owners Valter and Alessandro Poletto are like family to the people who work there. Alessandro is currently working on his graduation thesis on the sustainability of the footwear industry of Riviera del Brenta, and we at AERA are happy to be providing him with information about the environmental impacts of the shoes his company is making and what we are doing to offset them.

Calzaturificio Zilio Shoes

Located in Saonara, Zilio has just six employees, and has been hand-crafting shoes for over 35 years. Zilio makes our men’s shoes, as well as our genderfluid shoes. The owner, Roberto Zilio, has made significant changes to his operations in order to improve on its environmental metrics and is continuing to do so.

Social Sustainability

We believe that our success relies first and foremost on people. We consciously choose to work only with companies that embody our values, ensuring that everyone in our supply chain earns a living wage and works in a safe, healthy environment.

These principles are embedded in the articles of incorporation of our Public Benefit Corporation, and has earned us a “Pending B-Corporation” certification from B Lab. As a startup, we are not eligible to become a Certified B-Corp until we complete a full year of operations; however, we are actively working to earn full certification over the coming months. A B Corp is “a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good.”—in other words, exactly what we are trying to accomplish with AERA. For more information about B-Corps please see here.

For our employees, we will create a profit-sharing scheme, so that everyone on the team becomes a partner in our company and shares in the success of our venture. As we continue to grow, we are committed to building a team and culture that values people above all else. Ultimately, we are building a company where employees feel valued and good about the work they’re doing, guided by a sense of purpose and clear mission.


Meet the founders behind AERA.

Alvertos Revach

Entrepreneur Alvertos Revach created Humble Holdings in 2016 as an investment vehicle for sustainable businesses. He envisions capitalism as a vehicle of positive change for all people and the planet and hopes that businesses will recognize environmental and social performance as a positive business case inherent in profit. He believes that businesses should take the lead in undoing the harm caused to the planet and its people by making sustainability the right and easy thing to do. Through AERA, Humble’s three principles, ‘Good for You, Good for People, Good for the Planet,’ are put into practice.

Tina Bhojwani

Fashion executive Tina Bhojwani has held key leadership roles at global brands including Donna Karan, Theory and Dolce & Gabbana. Throughout her 20-year career, she has seen the impact of fashion on people and the planet and recognizes the need for change not only as a business imperative but more importantly a deeply human one. She built AERA as a platform to address these environmental and social challenges, with the hope of making its practices the new normal in fashion. With AERA, she aspires to show consumers that style, design, and quality can be analogous with sustainability.

Jean-Michel Cazabat

Designer Jean-Michel Cazabat has spent his career immersed in luxury footwear. He was the president of Stephane Kélian and the creative director of Charles Jourdan prior to launching his eponymous brand in 2000. The birth of his daughter Aria three years ago brought about a greater consciousness of the world and her future, and he began to think about a new project centered around sustainability. Jean-Michel’s tremendous experience as well as relationships with suppliers and factories allowed us to bring AERA to life.

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