Full collection and site launching end of May. Select styles available for preorder.

Materials & Innovation


Our shoes are 100% vegan.

While our decision to use vegan materials has enabled us to reduce our environmental impact, we acknowledge that the synthetic alternatives containing polyurethane, polyester, polyamide, polyvinyl, polystyrene, recycled ABS and synthetic rubber have unique environmental concerns of their own. To offset our use of plastics by 110%, we have measured the amount of recycled and non-recycled plastic in all of the materials purchased to make our shoes, and invested in Social Plastic® Collection Credits (1 SPCC = 1 kg of plastic prevented from entering the ocean) at a rate of 1.1 SPCCs for each kg of plastic used. We are working with Plastic Bank, an organization that empowers people in Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia to earn a living by collecting plastic waste and turning it into currency.

The outer

Depending on the style, it is made from a combination of cotton, polyurethane, polyester, polyamide, polyvinyl, and polystyrene.

The lining

Made of bio polyols, an eco-friendly “veg” material containing elements derived from plants that do not divert resources necessary for food farms or animal feed, as well as a >50% bio content. The main raw material used to produce bio polyols is Field Corn, or Yellow Dent. Yellow Dent grows on over 99% of North America corn field acres and is farmed to produce ethanol. It is not viable for human consumption, and therefore its use does not impact the price of edible corn. The raw material for bio polyols has a smaller environmental footprint than its petroleum-based alternatives, saving on CO2 emissions, and is fully biodegradable.

The sole

Made from 50% synthetic rubber, 40% inorganic mineral composts (silicones and mixed clay), and 10% additives (fastenings, pigments and plasticizers).

The packaging

Our shoe boxes contain 40% post-consumer recycled waste, are FSC certified and GMO free, and are produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint. Inside the box, you will find 100% recycled tissue paper and our 100% Global Organic Textile-approved cotton dust bag.