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Our factories

At AERA we made a conscious decision to work exclusively with Italian materials suppliers and factories.  We did this to ensure the highest level of quality, ethical working conditions and to minimize our materials’ transportation impacts on the environment.

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Italy is a center of excellence in luxury footwear manufacturing, and has been for centuries.  We chose to work with small, family owned businesses in the Veneto region, because we believe that, in a world of fast fashion and low-cost manufacturing, we should support true artisans that focus on the quality of their products and the livelihood of their employees.  We have ensured that the people working for our two factory partners not only make living wages, but are treated as family.  Using materials sourced from Italy also minimizes their transportation distance to the factories, and thus the transportation impacts of our materials on the environment.

Social sustainability

We believe that our success relies first and foremost on people. We consciously choose to work only with companies that embody our values, ensuring that everyone in our supply chain earns a living wage and works in a safe, healthy environment.

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Our Social Sustainability principles are embedded in the articles of incorporation of our Public Benefit Corporation, and have earned us a “Pending B-Corporation” certification from B Lab. We are currently working to earn full B-Corp certification. A B-Corp is “a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose” - in other words, exactly what we are trying to accomplish with AERA. For more information about B-Corps please see here.

For our employees, we will create a profit-sharing scheme, so that everyone on the team becomes a partner in our company and shares in the success of our venture. Ultimately, we are building a company where employees feel valued and good about the work they’re doing, guided by a sense of purpose and clear mission.

For our efforts on social sustainability, we have been awarded the following Positive Actions and earned the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury.

Fair Pay For All
Community Investment
Fair Labour
Diversity and Inclusion