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Offsetting our impact on the planet by 110%.

We are committed to making a net positive impact on the planet and are conscious that every shoe we produce has environmental consequences associated with its lifecycle. It is our responsibility not only to take ownership of that, but also to offer a solution.  We have engaged the services of SCS Global Services (SCS), an accredited international leader in third-party certification and standards development in environmental and sustainability claims, to ensure that the impact made producing, transporting, storing and delivering our shoes is offset by 110%. Through this process, we are acting to neutralize our impact on the planet as well as helping it to heal.

SCS has been commissioned to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study to quantify the environmental impact of our shoes. It will measure the following categories: carbon emissions (greenhouse gases), smog formation, acidification/acid rain, ozone layer depletion, eutrophication (water pollution), depletion of fossil fuels and depletion of resources (minerals/metals). We will then work with SCS to identify meaningful strategies for carbon, water and other areas to invest in and offset as many of our impacts as possible by 110%.  We are aware that not all environmental impacts currently have corresponding offsets, and only carbon offsets are currently certifiable. However, we are committed to finding the right solutions and doing as much as possible to support the environment with the help of the experts at SCS. Transparency is key: we will ultimately present the results of the LCA study and the offsets that we’ve invested in on our website.


Defining sustainable luxury as the new normal.

While our decision to use vegan materials has enabled us to reduce our environmental impact, we acknowledge that the synthetic alternatives containing polyurethane, polyester, polyamide, polyvinyl, polystyrene, recycled ABS and synthetic rubber have unique environmental concerns of their own. To offset our use of plastics by 110%, we have measured the amount of recycled and non-recycled plastic in all of the materials purchased to make our shoes, and invested in Social Plastic® Collection Credits (1 SPCC = 1 kg of plastic prevented from entering the ocean) at a rate of 1.1 SPCCs for each kg of plastic used. We are working with Plastic Bank, an organization that empowers people in Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia to earn a living by collecting plastic waste and turning it into currency.

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our product lifecycle, we will actively seek new solutions, such as innovations in materials, production processes, and supply chain traceability, and make changes without jeopardizing the quality, style, comfort, and fit of our shoes. Our ultimate goal is that, through these continuous improvements, we will one day be able to produce our shoes with materials and processes that have no negative impacts on the planet.