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What does it mean to be 110% responsible?

AERA was built on the idea that we give back more to Mother Earth than we take. 

Sally Patchwork python-effect shoe

How do we accomplish that? 

We start with the most sustainable materials and processes possible to achieve the high quality and design of our shoes; but then we go one step further by scientifically measuring all of the impacts we make as a company and then investing in meaningful environmental initiatives to offset those impacts by 110%.

To date we have proudly:

icon tree
Planted 2,073 trees in Mississippi Alluvial Valley as part of a project to reforest marginal farmlands.
Icon bottle of water
Invested in restoring 470,000 gallons of fresh water to critically dewatered rivers and streams in the United States.
Icon drop of water
Partnered with Plastic Bank to keep 11.36 tonnes of plastic out of our oceans.

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